Available for:

Organ Recitals, Church Services, Continuo Work, Accompaniment, Organ Tuition


Forthcoming performances:

Thursday 5 January, 12.45pm
St Mary's Church, Aylesbury
Wednesday 26 April, 1.15pm
St Peter's Church, Bournemouth
Saturday 10 June, 7pm
St Mary's Church, Kidlington
Saturday 24 June, 7pm
St Augustine's, East Hendred
Sunday 16 July, 6pm
All Saints, Sutton Courtenay
Monday 14 August, 1pm
St Michael in the Northgate, Oxford
Thursday 26 October, evening
St Frideswide's, Oxford
Monday 11 December, 1pm
St Michael in the Northgate, Oxford
Traditional Mince Pyes Concert
with Monday's Madrigals