Howells: Psalm Preludes, sets one & two
Whitlock: Sketches on Verses from the Psalms


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H&W cover
Three Psalm Preludes, Set One
1. Lento, poco appenato (Ps.34:6)
2. Non troppo lento, ma sempre espressivo (Ps.37:11)
3. Lento serioso (Ps.23:4)
Seven Sketches on Verses from the Psalms
4. Pastorale (Ps.23:1)
5. Duetto (Ps.55:15)
6. Plaint (Ps.6:2)
7. Exultemus (Ps.81:1-3)
8. Préambule (Ps.23:2)
9. Intermezzo (Ps.37:38)
10. Sortie (Ps.68:25)
Three Psalm Preludes, Set Two
11. Lento, dolente (Ps.130:1)
12. Lento placid, teneramente (Ps.139:11)
13. Allegro (non troppo) ma giocoso (Ps.33:3)
Total playing time: 76:07


Messiaen: La Nativité du Seigneur


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La Nativité du Seigneur
1 La Vierge et l’Enfant
2 Les Bergers
3 Desseins éternels
4 Le Verbe
5 Les Enfants de Dieu
6 Les Anges
7 Jésus accept la souffrance
8 Les Mages
9 Dieu parmi nous
10 Verset pour la fête de la Dédicace 
Total playing time: 66:58

Dyson: complete organ music


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Dyson cover
Variations on Old Psalm Tunes
 Book 1
 1 Orlando Gibbons: Forth in thy name, O Lord, I go
 2 Pry’s Psalter (1621): O Lord, turn not away Thy face
 3 Thomas Campion: By the waters of Babylon
 4 Scottish Psalter (1635): God moves in a mysterious way
 Book 2
 5 Ravenscroft’s Psalter (1621): O God, my strength and fortitude
 6 Este’sWhole Book of Psalms (1592): O for a heart to praise
 7 Scottish Psalter (1635): O God of truth
8 OrlandoGibbons: Song 22 Love of the Father
Book 3
9 Ravenscroft’s Psalter (1621): Hark, the glad sound 
10 Orlando Gibbons: Song 24, O word immortal
11 Orlando Gibbons: Song 5, O Prince of Peace 
12 Scottish Psalter (1615): I was glad
13 From ‘An Album of Praise’: Voluntary in D 
14 – 15 Prelude and Postlude
16 – 17 Fantasia and Ground Bass 
 Total playing time: 70:26


The Magnificent Organ


£2500 raised for Orchid

1  Toccata and Fugue in D minor Johann Sebastian Bach
2  Liebster Jesu wir sind hier Johann Sebastian Bach
3  Concerto in A minor (1st mvt) 
Antonio Vivaldi, arr. J.S.Bach
4  Ach Gott erhör mein Seufzen Johann Ludwig Krebs
5  O Ewigkeit, du Donnerwort Johann Ludwig Krebs
6  O Welt ich muss dich lassen Johannes Brahms
7  Nun danket alle Gott Sigfried Karg-Elert
8  Impromptu No.1 Samuel Coleridge-Taylor
9  Interlude
Henry Smart
10 Tuba Tune
Charles Sellars Lang
11 Lied (Song) William Wolstenholme
12 Scherzo in G minor Enrico Bossi
13 March on a theme by Handel Alexandre Guilmant
14 Menuet gothique Léon Böellman
15 Prière à Notre Dame Léon Böellman
16 Carillon de Westminster
Louis Vierne
Total playing time 75:37


Christmas at Warren Minster

LARICD001  Trial recording for private circulation, due for expanded remake and general issue in due course


I find that Makin’s reverb system is very helpful when practising; the range of acoustical models and their adjustability make it possible
to prepare for performances in most venues that one might encounter. For recording purposes, however, I switch this off and record the
music in a completely ‘dry’ form. CD quality Wav files are taken direct from the organ’s Aux Out sockets and are edited on a computer
using Wave Pad. The files are then processed by t-Beat in one of Altiverb’s Convolution Reverb ecclesiastical venues. Makin’s sampled
organ pipes are thus returned to a real acoustical environment: St Etienne Cathedral in Caen, France was used for The Magnificent
Organ and Messaien discs, whilst St Joseph’s Church in Utrecht, Netherlands was preferred for the Dyson complete organ works; most
recently King’s College, Cambridge was the chosen venue for Howells and Whitlock. Since the Makin samples are gathered from a variety
of sources the idea occurred to me of giving the assembled ranks and selected acoustic a notional home—hence ‘Warren Minster.’




Forthcoming performances:


Sunday 16 July, 6pm
All Saints, Sutton Courtenay
Monday 14 August, 1pm
St Michael in the Northgate, Oxford
Saturday 19 August, 7.30pm
All Saints, Coleshill
Saturday 14 October, 7.30pm
St Michael's, Aston Tirrold
Thursday 26 October, evening
St Frideswide's, Oxford
Monday 11 December, 1pm
St Michael in the Northgate, Oxford
Traditional Mince Pyes Concert
with Monday's Madrigals


Saturday 1 July, 7.30pm, All Saints, Deddington
Banbury Choral Soc. & Oxford Sinfonia (continuo)

Saturday 8 july, 8pm, St Mary the Virgin, Oxford
Oxford Sinfonia: Mahler 1st Symphony (harmonium)

Sunday 9 July, 3pm, St Nicolas' Church, Abingdon
Abbey Chamber Concerts with Pavlova Wind Quintet; Beethoven Quintet, Thuille Sextet (piano)

Monday 17 July, 1pm, St Michael at the Northgate, Oxford:
'For sheer delight...': song recital with Stella Seaton-Sims (piano)

Saturday 29 July, 11am-4.30pm, Church of the Assumption, Beckley
Leading Aspiring Organists' Day on behalf of ODOA