Howells: Psalm Preludes, sets one & two
Whitlock: Sketches on Verses from the Psalms


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H&W cover
Three Psalm Preludes, Set One
1. Lento, poco appenato (Ps.34:6)
2. Non troppo lento, ma sempre espressivo (Ps.37:11)
3. Lento serioso (Ps.23:4)
Seven Sketches on Verses from the Psalms
4. Pastorale (Ps.23:1)
5. Duetto (Ps.55:15)
6. Plaint (Ps.6:2)
7. Exultemus (Ps.81:1-3)
8. Préambule (Ps.23:2)
9. Intermezzo (Ps.37:38)
10. Sortie (Ps.68:25)
Three Psalm Preludes, Set Two
11. Lento, dolente (Ps.130:1)
12. Lento placid, teneramente (Ps.139:11)
13. Allegro (non troppo) ma giocoso (Ps.33:3)
Total playing time: 76:07


Messiaen: La Nativité du Seigneur


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La Nativité du Seigneur
1 La Vierge et l’Enfant
2 Les Bergers
3 Desseins éternels
4 Le Verbe
5 Les Enfants de Dieu
6 Les Anges
7 Jésus accept la souffrance
8 Les Mages
9 Dieu parmi nous
10 Verset pour la fête de la Dédicace 
Total playing time: 66:58

Dyson: complete organ music


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Dyson cover
Variations on Old Psalm Tunes
 Book 1
 1 Orlando Gibbons: Forth in thy name, O Lord, I go
 2 Pry’s Psalter (1621): O Lord, turn not away Thy face
 3 Thomas Campion: By the waters of Babylon
 4 Scottish Psalter (1635): God moves in a mysterious way
 Book 2
 5 Ravenscroft’s Psalter (1621): O God, my strength and fortitude
 6 Este’sWhole Book of Psalms (1592): O for a heart to praise
 7 Scottish Psalter (1635): O God of truth
8 OrlandoGibbons: Song 22 Love of the Father
Book 3
9 Ravenscroft’s Psalter (1621): Hark, the glad sound 
10 Orlando Gibbons: Song 24, O word immortal
11 Orlando Gibbons: Song 5, O Prince of Peace 
12 Scottish Psalter (1615): I was glad


13 From ‘An Album of Praise’: Voluntary in D 
14 – 15 Prelude and Postlude
16 – 17 Fantasia and Ground Bass 
 Total playing time: 70:26


The Magnificent Organ


£2500 raised for Orchid

1  Toccata and Fugue in D minor Johann Sebastian Bach
2  Liebster Jesu wir sind hier Johann Sebastian Bach
3  Concerto in A minor (1st mvt) 
Antonio Vivaldi, arr. J.S.Bach
4  Ach Gott erhör mein Seufzen Johann Ludwig Krebs
5  O Ewigkeit, du Donnerwort Johann Ludwig Krebs
6  O Welt ich muss dich lassen Johannes Brahms
7  Nun danket alle Gott Sigfried Karg-Elert
8  Impromptu No.1 Samuel Coleridge-Taylor
9  Interlude
Henry Smart
10 Tuba Tune
Charles Sellars Lang
11 Lied (Song) William Wolstenholme
12 Scherzo in G minor Enrico Bossi
13 March on a theme by Handel Alexandre Guilmant
14 Menuet gothique Léon Böellman
15 Prière à Notre Dame Léon Böellman
16 Carillon de Westminster
Louis Vierne
Total playing time 75:37


Christmas at Warren Minster

LARICD001  Trial recording for private circulation, due for expanded remake and general issue in due course


I find that Makin’s reverb system is very helpful when practising; the range of acoustical models and their adjustability make it possible
to prepare for performances in most venues that one might encounter. For recording purposes, however, I switch this off and record the
music in a completely ‘dry’ form. CD quality Wav files are taken direct from the organ’s Aux Out sockets and are edited on a computer
using Wave Pad. The files are then processed by t-Beat in one of Altiverb’s Convolution Reverb ecclesiastical venues. Makin’s sampled
organ pipes are thus returned to a real acoustical environment: St Etienne Cathedral in Caen, France was used for The Magnificent
Organ and Messaien discs, whilst St Joseph’s Church in Utrecht, Netherlands was preferred for the Dyson complete organ works; most
recently King’s College, Cambridge was the chosen venue for Howells and Whitlock. Since the Makin samples are gathered from a variety
of sources the idea occurred to me of giving the assembled ranks and selected acoustic a notional home—hence ‘Warren Minster.’




Forthcoming performances 2019:

Thursday 24 January 1.30pm
Harris Manchester College, Oxford


Monday, 5 Feb, 1pm, St Michael In The Northgate, Oxford: Pavlova Winds—Glinka, Shostokovich, etc (Piano)

Saturday, 16 Feb, 1030am, St Peter's, Wolvercote: ODOA Introduction to the Organ for young keyboard players, 11–18yrs (Leader)

Saturday 13 March, 7.30, St Mary's, Banbury: Oxford Sinfonia & Banbury Choral Soc. (Continuo)